Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pictures of the Lakeview Homestay Bandar Universiti Tronoh Perak

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Front View
View from the balcony

TV + Astro

Living Room

Master Room

2nd room

3rd room

Wet kitchen

Dining area with fridges

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Designs on Muslim market - The Star

Li (left) with his Malaysian partners – Firdous (centre) and Kamal – at Li’s office in Shenzhen. Their business plan is to market their Islamic mobile phones and, soon, other Islamic products to Malaysia and the Middle East. — The Star/Celeste Fong


A Chinese businessman is convinced that Malaysia is his springboard into the vast market of the Middle East.

KNOWN as Jerry Ma by his Muslim friends and associates, Li Haihua is convinced that Malaysia is a firm springboard to venture into new investments in the country and also to expand his business to the Middle East.

“Malaysia’s strategic location is one of the many reasons attracting us to set up a factory there. In Malaysia, there are many Chinese (Malaysians) there and it’s easier for us (Chinese nationals) to adapt because we share a similar culture and language,” he told The Star in a recent interview at his company in Shenzhen.
Besides this, he believes Malaysia is also able to lend its religious prestige and widely-recognised standing in its ICT industry in the Muslim world for his Islamic products.

The core business of his Shenzhen DSP Technology Co Ltd is to design, develop, manufacture and sell electronic products such as mobile phones, Quran MP4, Quran pen and other electronic products meant for use by Muslims.

“We do not only design, develop and manufacture Islamic phones but we also have other electronic products to cater to the Muslim world,” he said.

Citing some statistics by world population experts, Li said the world’s Muslim population has reached between 1.5 billion and 1.8 billion. By 2050, he said, the world’s Muslim population would make up a total of 40% of the world population.
“Now Muslims around the world constitute 20% of the world population,” he said.
According to Li, many had approached him to form a joint venture to market his Islamic phones and other electronic products but he had declined them. Then one of his Muslim employees introduced him to Firdous Mok Abdullah and Kamal Koh Abdullah, both Malaysian Muslims, and he decided to work with them.

Kamal, the general manager of Myiman, a business dealing in traditional herbs, is a religious teacher who taught Islamic teachings in Hong Kong for two years several years ago.

In recent years, Li said, many Chinese companies have used Malaysia as a springboard to venture into the market in the Middle East and are doing well.
“We have chosen to work with Myiman Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd to market our Islamic phones,” he said, adding that he hoped to test the Malaysian market for his Islamic phones before selling them to the Middle East.

“Our next move is to jointly open a factory in Malaysia with our Malaysian partner. Our collaboration with Myiman is not only in the Malaysian market but the market of the whole Muslim world.”

Li said they had the know-how in electro¬nics technology while the Malaysian partner had knowledge of Islam and Muslim culture.

“In Saudi Arabia, the Quran is not allowed to be included as text in electronics and its content cannot be used as ring tones. We have to respect their Islamic beliefs,” he said.

Having a Muslim partner in Myiman, Li said, would help bridge the cultural gap.
“We will be able to market our Islamic products to the world and our Muslim partner from Malaysia is able to disseminate Islamic teachings to the world,” he said.

The 31-year-old electronics graduate who hails from Shandong said they hoped to position themselves as the leading Islamic products’ company in the world.

For a start, he said, they hoped to sell between one million and two million Islamic mobile phones.

“In China, the number of mobile phone users has passed 400 million,” Li pointed out.
It has become a highly competitive market here and Li is eyeing expansion in the potentially huge market of the Muslim world. Some of his Islamic products are now available in Indonesia, South Africa, Yemen and Turkey.

“We only launched our Islamic mobile phones with Quran this June, and this July or August in Malaysia.”

On Islamic products, Li said his company had invested two to three years in research and development and an initial amount of three million yuan.

“In the beginning, wo men ye zou le hen duo wan lu (we once wasted our time and energy and followed the wrong direction) because we did not understand Muslim culture and were not aware of their taboo,” he said.

He also voiced his hope that “our Islamic products like the Islamic mobile phones are not only a communication tool for our users but also a learning tool”.

The Islamic mobile phone is designed with Quran recitations by Sheikh Sudais and Shuraim or Muhammad Sedeeq Al-Menshawe or Mishary Rashed al-Efasy and its Arabic script text by Othman font.

Other features of the phone include a complete Quran, Quran translations in 28 languages, Qibla direction and Solat times of major cities in the world

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lakeview Homestay Bandar Universiti Tronoh Perak

Assalamualaikum wrt & Hello to all,

The homestay is fully managed by Tunas Sarjana Ventures, an enterprise registered on 25 August 2009 with the registration number of IP-0311603-M.

The homestay is a double storey cluster D house and it is facing a lake that will promise you a breezy wind with a peaceful scenery.

The house consisted of 3 guest rooms, two upstairs and one downstairs, of which one is having a balcony that facing the lake.

The master bedroom is an air-conditioned room with kingsize bed. Can occupy 1 small family in there.. =)..the other room upstairs is a queensize bed and the room downstairs have two single beds.

The facilities that we provide inclusive of:
29" CRT television with ASTRO, hot showers (master bedroom and WC downstairs), 3 bathrooms, fridge, washing machine, fully equipped kitchenware and tableware, and BBQ stove.

This homestay is dedicated to anyone who would like to find a comfortable yet cheap (yes it is cheap for the size of the house..:P)..whilst you are having any business trip somewhere in Perak Tengah/Tronoh/Seri Iskandar or visiting your relatives (mostly the students from UTP or UiTM Seri Iskandar) or just for a leisure.

The rate will be as follows (for the whole house):

Weekdays - RM150/night
Weekend - RM250/night but... RM400/2 nights (yes that is Friday night & Saturday night)
Peak rate - RM200/night (weekdays) ...RM300/night and RM500/2 (weekend)

At the moment we accept cash only. We will require small amount of deposit prior to staying.

Receipt will be issued upon request.. =)

Anyway, enjoy your stay!

Nurul Najmin Amran

Friday, December 4, 2009

Islamic Handphone

Product: Islamic Hand Phone
My-Iman, A Very nice Hand Phone which has:

1- The full Qur'aan recitation & Writting

2- Nine books for Hadith

3- Kiblat for Alsalat

4- Touch screen

5- can take two SIM Cards (Both Active at the same time)

6- Camera 1.3 Mega Pixel

7- SMS, MMS, GPRS & Internet

8- Dual Band: GSM900, and DCS1800

9- Exter...nal Memory 2GB

10- MP3 & MP4

11- Radio FM

12- Bluetooth

13- Arabic Keyboard

14- Five Times Athan

and the COST is RM 390 (Ringgit Malaysia).

It's available in four Colors: Black, White, White/Green, and White/Pink.

My Recommendation is the Black Color... Very nice.

To order, call me (Maythem): 0060173370965, or my Wife (Najmin): 0060193421989

Arabic Perfumes

Product: Arabic Perfumes (Concentrated essential Oils / Sprays)

The King of Arabs provides a big collection of choosen Arabic Perfumes (for both men and women), the most famous perfume mixtures (Both of the Arabic brands and the international brands).

The King of Arabs provides 3 Levels of essential oils:
1- Level 1 or Class A: these oils are VERY PURE (Not mixed with any other liquids) and VERY CONCENTRATED (The FIRST extraction) Oils .

2- Level 2 or Class B: These oils are VERY PURE (Not mixed with any other liquids) and concentrated (The Second extraction) oils.

3- Level 3 or Class C: these oils might be mixed with some other liquids to increase the quantity and decrease the price and not very concentrated (The Thrird Extraction) oils.

The prices depends on the LEVEL, Type, Bottle and the required size.
The King of Arabs business rules states: "The more you buy, the more discount you get".

MY Personal use and my recommandations:
1- Essential Oil Mixture "ALSULTAN" Class A - Form Both Men & Women
2- Essential Oil "MAL-BERT-MAN" Class A - For Men
3- Essential Oil "RAWDHA" Class A - For Women

Product: List of some choosen international perfumes (WITHOUT ALCHOHOL).

For women:
1. White Dimond
2. Christina Auilera
3. Chanel-5
4. Angel
5. Escape
6. Kenzo Flower
7. Pleasure

For Men:
1. Ralph Polo
2. Aqua D'gio
3. Kenzo Jungle
4. Juvan Mush
5. Eternity
6. Boss 'N' Motion
7. Fahrenheit

The list of the perfumes we provide actually ...is very long, so if you have a specific name that you need, you might contact us asking about it and we will try to reply to as soon as possible.
The Cost depends on the type and the size you want to buy, and remember the King of Arabs rule which states: "the more you buy, the more discount you get". For example; the Brand name "Eternity", buy 12ml for RM30 (Ringgit Malaysia), or buy 50mlRM55, or buy 100ml for RM90, and so on.

To order or for more information, call (Maythem): 0060173370965.

Monday, November 9, 2009

One Drop Perfumes

This is my another new business contribute together with my beloved husband. Onedrop perfumes have been inspired by international designer's perfumes. Just one drop and you'll smell great whole day. Pure fine fragrance without alcohol mixture, can be used while praying. 8 Perfumes in one pack. Try and buy it now and I can be sure you will not regret. Moreover, perfume from arabic country also available.The most popular in our region now is RAUDAH perfume. Please feel free to contact us for more information- 0193421989

Thursday, October 29, 2009



TOOTOO di dalam panggilan arab ialah CUTE atau dalam bahasa melayu nya COMEL. Sizenya yang kecil dan comel ini sangat menarik dan sesuai untuk dihidang kepada tetamu atau pun untuk majlis-majlis keramaian.




50 BIJI RM 15.00


Sila Contact 0193421989 atau nurulnajmin@gmail.com